How do I register my i>clicker?

Why is an i>clicker required for my class?

Like many instructors, your instructor has decided (and education studies have confirmed) that incorporating classroom response system technology helps foster discussion among your classmates, gives your instructor a clear sense of how the class is doing, and ultimately improves comprehension and learning.

Do I have to register my i>clicker?

Yes.   All i>clickers used at CSU must be registered in a CSU Canvas course.

Where do I find my i>clicker ID?

The i>clicker ID is located on the white sticker that is on the back side of the remote.   The i>clicker ID may contain the number zero, but will not contain the letter O.

What to do if the i>clicker remote ID underneath the bar code has rubbed off?

If the i>clicker remote ID has rubbed off your i>clicker, please go to the Textbook Information counter, located on the lower level of the CSU Bookstore, for further assistance.

How can I tell if I have successfully registered online?

To verify your i>clicker registration, click on the i>clicker button in the left navigation of  your Canvas course. If your i>clicker has been registered, you will see your i>clicker ID and the date of registration displayed on the page. If you do not see the i>clicker ID on this page, your i>clicker has not been registered in Canvas.

Do I have to register my i>clicker for each individual class?

No. You only need to register your i>clicker once, in any Canvas course,  and your registration information will apply to all of the courses in Canvas for which you are using  i>clicker.

What is the cost of registering my i>clicker?

There is no cost to register your i>clicker device within a CSU Canvas course.  Note, if the instructor has set up REEF Polling, a mobile device solution, then registration fees do apply.

I registered with an incorrect remote ID when registering in Canvas. How can I fix it?

If you registered your i>clicker with an incorrect ID, then you can fix it within Canvas.   Login to your Canvas Course that is using i>clicker and click on the i>clicker button in the left navigation.   Click on the `Remove’ link next to the incorrect i>clicker ID. Once you have removed the incorrect ID, register the correct i>clicker ID.

I registered my i>clicker within Canvas, but my professor says I have not registered yet?

Your Instructor may have to re-sync the roster in the i>clicker software in order to update student i>clicker registrations.  Once the i>clicker roster has been re-synced, the instructor will have to re-sync all i>clicker polling scores in order to update the Canvas Gradebook.

How do I turn on my i>clicker?

Once you remove your clicker from its packaging, you will need to remove the “Pull” tab from the back of the i>clicker remote to activate the batteries. On the front of your clicker you will notice there are 6 options: A, B, C, D, E, and On/Off.   Press the On/Off button to turn the i>clicker device On/Off .  A solid blue light will display by the “Power” indicator at the top of your clicker when the i>clicker is On.

How do I set the frequency code on my i>clicker?

View Instruction on how to change/set i>clicker frequency codes.

View instructions on how to change/set i>clicker 2 frequency codes.

Could my responses be confused with others?

No.   Each i>clicker remote has a unique ID and polling is captured and stored within the unique ID in the i>clicker software.   Once your i>clicker has been registered, it will be linked to your to your student ID in the Canvas Gradebook.   Note,  you cannot share an i>clicker remote with another student in the same class.

Do I get credit for my responses?

The instructor decides whether or not an  i>clicker response will receive credit.  The instructor has the option to assign points for participation or attendance, to assign points for correct responses, or to simply use the response for attendance purposes. The class syllabus or course web site will generally include the grading policy for the course.

How do I know if my vote has been received?

Verify the vote has been received by viewing the Vote Status light at the top of  the i>clicker remote.  Located on the top of the i>clicker remote are three light indicators (Power, Low Battery, and Vote Status). The “Vote Status” light will flash green, if the vote has been received and confirmed.  A red flashing light indicates that the vote was not received and you will need to vote again.   Note, the i>clicker remote will also flash red if you try to vote when the instructor has not yet begun polling OR if the polling has stopped.

Can I change my response?

An i>clicker response can be changed as long as the response in changed within an active polling period, the period when the professor is accepting votes.  Once the instructor stops the polling, a response cannot be changed.  If you try to change a response when the polling is closed, then the “Status” light  on the i>clicker will flash red.

How long will my batteries last?

The i>clicker battery life is approximately 200 hours. The “Low Battery” light will flash red when the batteries need to be replaced. Once the low battery light begins flashing, there will be less than 10 hours of battery power remaining. The i>clicker uses 3 AAA batteries.  New i>clicker remotes include 3 AAA batteries.

How do I change my batteries?

The battery compartment is located on the back side of the i>clicker device.  Note, you may need to insert a paperclip or similar object in the battery panel to release the covering in order to remove and replace the batteries.

What if I forget to turn off my i>clicker?

Your clicker will remain on for about 90 minutes after the last vote is sent. If you accidentally turn on your clicker and don’t send a vote, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes. In fact, it will automatically turn itself off even if a particular button is being continually compressed (if it is accidentally turned on in your backpack, for example).

Will my i>clicker work in other classes?

Yes, your i>clicker will work in more than one class as long as your other instructors are using i>clicker software and hardware.  Make sure to set up the correct frequency code on the i>clicker remote for each class.   There are other clickers available on the market (none of which are cross-compatible), so you will need to confirm that your other professors are also using i>clicker.

What if I am having problems with my i>clicker?

If you encounter an i>clicker problem during class, let your instructor know, immediately.  The instructor may have a loaner i>clicker available for you to use for the duration of the class.

  • If the i>clicker is defective, the process of returning it will depend upon how you obtained it. There is a standard one-year limited warranty available with a new i>clicker.
  • If you purchased the i>clicker through the CSU bookstore, you may return it to the bookstore.
  • If a department on campus provided the i>clicker to you, you will need to check with that department to determine their replacement policy.
  • If you purchased a previously-used i>clicker, you will need to consult with that particular source for replacement options.
  • We also recommend that you contact for troubleshooting tips and guidance.

Is technical support available?

Yes, there is i>clicker technical support available for students at  Canvas Help Desk.