One of my students cannot see their i>clicker scores, what could be causing this?

There could be a couple of different reasons as to why a student can’t see their i>clicker scores.  One, a student must register their i>clicker within a Canvas course, a one time registration, in order to see their i>clicker scores.  Student instructions for registering their i>clicker.

Second, if the student has registered their i>clicker within Canvas, their name should be blue in the i>clicker gradebook.  If the student’s name appears red in the gradebook, re-sync the roster in i>clicker.

A student contacted me saying they don’t have scores for some of the i>clicker sessions prior to them registering their i>clicker. How can I get that student their scores?

If a student registered their i>clicker after a session was uploaded into Canvas, the i>clicker roster will need to be re-synced and the scores re-uploaded into Canvas for the session(s).

Note:  If the i>clicker session scores are being synced into a single total (aggregate) column within Canvas, make sure all i>clicker sessions are selected in the i>clicker software prior to syncing the scores into Canvas.

What options do I have for uploading my i>clicker scores?

There are several options when syncing scores from i>clicker to Canvas.

  • Scores can be uploaded as each individual i>clicker session
  • Scores can be uploaded as one single column with the total (aggregate) points
  • Points can be calculated  as performance and participation points combined into a single column
  • Points can be calculated as performance points and participation points separated into their own columns
  • Points can be uploaded as performance points in a single column
  • Points can be uploaded as participation points in a single column

For more information on syncing scores,  reference the Syncing Grades with Canvas in the i>clicker Guide

I have a course with multiple sections and every time I upload scores, students in the other section(s) receive a zero.

By default, the i>clicker software will upload a zero for anyone who doesn’t use their i>clicker in a session. If there are multiple sections in a course, please contact us at and we will help you set up a work around so that students do not receive a zero every time new session information is uploaded into Canvas.

Can I use i>clicker points as Extra Credit within Canvas?

There are a few options on how to set up i>clicker points as Extra Credit. Options will vary depending on how Instructors want to display these points in Canvas. Please contact us at with questions on Extra Credit with i>clicker points in Canvas.

Where do I get the i>clicker Software?

The i>clicker software must be downloaded from the CSU i>clicker website.

Do I need to do anything to my Canvas course if I am going to use i>clicker?

Yes, in order to use i>clicker in Canvas, the i>clicker navigation button must be enabled for each Canvas course that will be used with i>clicker.   In addition, the i>clicker software will need to be set up to link to the CSU Canvas Course.  Instructions on how to Enable i>clicker for your Canvas course(s).